“Our Goal is to create safe drivers to reduce the number of accidents on the road”

TurtleDrive is an Online driving classes booking platform with using the technology to link all ts functions and provide the customer a seamless awesome experience

Our Growth Story

March 2016

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Our Team

Mithun Kumar Muddan

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

An Entrepreneur, A Change is Within .A tech Guy, Crazy Open Source Contributor, He push things beyond limit where he finds his Happyness, GitHub's Greatest Fan, He Says Ruby is Future, Future is Here.For him Startup is life, Four years of experience building successful IT serviced based company in bangalore.

Deanish M A

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rails 4 Guy, Software Hacker, Open Source Contributor, Gamer, Smiles aLot, Sleeps @ 11pm, Google's Biggest Fan, The Cool Stuff Guy He loves to break things fast and great adapabity.