Application forms for Driving Licence/Conductor Licence/International Driving Permit

Issue of Learner’s licence CMV-2
Duplicate Learner’s licence KMV-1A
Permanent Driving Licence CMV-4
Renewal of Driving Licence CMV-9
Addition of new class of vehicle to a driving licence CMV-8
Duplicate Driving Licence kMV-1
Change of Address in Learners’ licence/Driving Licence plain paper
International Driving Permit Form 4A
Issue of Conductor licence KMV-12
Renewal of Conductor licence KMV-13
Medical Forms CMV Form 1 & CMV Form 1A

Application forms for Vehicle Registration and related services

Temporary Registration KMV-18
Permanent Registration CMV-20
Transfer of Ownership CMV-29(in duplicate)
Transfer of Ownership in case of death of registered owner CMV-31
Noting of Hire Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation CMV-34
Termination of Hire Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation CMV-35
Change of Address CMV-33 KMV-27 (in case of other state vehicle) CMV 27 (for Re-Registration) Kannada CMV27
Issue of No-Objection Certificate (NOC) CMV-28 (in quadruplicate)
Payment of Tax KMVT-14
Renewal of Registration Certificate CMV 25
Issue/Renewal of Fitness Certificate KMV 20
Application for Refund of Tax Form 16
Application For Transfer Of Ownership In The Name Of The Person Succeeding To The Possession Of The Vehicle Form 31
Application for the issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration Form 26